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details are hard to take in. the charges this morning agains 44 year old steven renkowski. even though so many are still under feet of snow we are getting a better look at the east coast blizzard.a look at what was the blizzard of 2016. good morning i'm chris riva. riva.i'm kathrine nero. -light rain falls prior to peak morning rush-temperatures fall today, flurries this evening-warmup comes this weekend (50 degree highs!) a cold front moved through our area overnight, resulting in light rain. temperatures will fall during the day with 8 a.m. temperatures closer to 40 and 4 p.m. temperatures around 350f. flurries will also be possible this afternoon. coming up, how long we'll have to wait until 50 degree highs
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" its our kids killing our kids. its our children killing our children. we address that. how many of you take dope money from your kids. " looking to stem the tide after lat year's uptick in violent crimes in cincinnati last year, concerned moms and dad joined the mayor and the police chief at a meeting to brainstorm ideas. ideas.)nine on your side's ashley zilka was at last night's meeting at the district two headquarters.she has the latestthis morning. people young and old filled
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chance for city leaders to hear their ideas on reducing crime in cincinnati..22:39:24 a mother who protects her child is not a snitch. she is a mother. a father that speaks up on behalf of his child is a father. we just need men and women to be mothers and fathers again. 35city council members told the blunt truth. 23:00:41 the streets are doing a better job at recruiting our kids than we are. i just think they are and that's a shame. 47 and people agreed.22:32:39 "we do have to have mentoring programs for our children. we have to educate them and make sure we reach these young men by going to them and meeting them where they are. 49chief eliot isaac and mayor cranley told the crowd some of their immediate plans. 23:07:02 we are noticing new things involving systems that we are bringing in and being able to
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different locations and connect them to violent crime across this city. 16 20:49 when we can't find the witnesses to come forward, we need another way to get those killers behind bars which we can do by getting them on illegal gun charges even if it isn't a life long sentence, we can still get them off the streets, for 10, 15, 20 years. 03 new this morning... a warning for car owner form the convington police department. department.they say they've seen a spike in car thefts in the devou park area.police say crooks are targeting cars where they see valuables left inside.officers are reminding you to lock anything you don't want stolen in your trunk or take it inside.if you spot any suspicious activity... contact police. allegations of child abuse. dearborn county prosecutors
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rekowski, in some cases, drugged his victims before molesting them. we're talking seven different girls age 10 and younger. 9 on your side's john genovese has been following this story and spoke with one victim's mother. rekowski's being held here at the 'dearborn county jail.' since his arrest on new years day - investigators say they've tracked down six other victims. prosecutors think there could be more mother i spoke with - like all of these kids' families - says she never would have thought for a second this was happening (story)some of the details are simply too disturbing to tell "it'll be probably months before we have the answer on just what he was doing with the child pornography" on new years day - steven rekowski ended up locked in a friend's laundry room. that was after she saw photos of her 4-year-old daughter - naked - on the 44-year-old's cell phone"we were able to get his phone before he had an opportunity to delete it - then the dominos started to fall" since then - dearborn county prosecutor 'aaron negangard' says 6 other girls - age 10 and younger have been tracked
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accounts of sexual abuse "in some cases we have video of him performing sex acts with them - in some cases we have disclosure - in one having the 8 year perform sex the 4 year old watch" a victims' mother tells us - she never would have suspected this was happening. though, on one occasion recowski wanted to watch movies with her girls' one-on-one. she said no - and after that thought nothing of it "he would be friends or acquaintances with people - and be really helpful with the kids in order to get access to the kids" kids, who - when interviewed - called rekowski a quote bad guy. "parents certainly need to be careful about who they let watch their children - and you just can't say recowski did admit to taking nude photos and performing sexual acts on one of the victims who is 4-years-old. we're told he's been charged with public indecency and other sex crimes in the past requiring him at the time to be registered as a sex offender. in lawrenceburg - john genovese 9oys the devastation of the east coast blizzard is becoming
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new jersey yesterday found a neighbor's body in the snow as they were getting off the school bus. that person is believed to have suffered a medical emergency. in washington.. the big dig continues after the storm. even though crews are plowing around the clock.. people are being told it could take until tomorrow to get to some neighborhoods. and at ronald reagan airport alone.. flights are still limited this morning. planned parenthood gets cleared of any wrongdoing after a series of controversial videos.why it's the accusers who could be facing charges now. the superbowl game is set. we could be seeing the passing of the torch from one generation to the next.why being able to see that history made is may be reserved for one group of people. jennifer will call for graphic fulla cold front moved through our area overnight, resulting in light rain. temperatures will fall during the day with 8 a.m. temperatures closer to 40 and 4 p.m. temperatures around 350f. flurries will also be possible this afternoon. coming up, how long we'll have to wait until 50
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of flint, michigan in a lawsuit over toxic water have subpoenaed governor rick snyder. snyder.they want emails, text messages or other documents sent or received by snyder or his staff relating to the flint water crisis over the last two years.michigans attorney general has ordered an independent invetigation into what happened. meanwhile here in ohio the head of the states environmental agency is calling for a probe into plant water problems.this come after the operator of a water treatment plant in north east ohio failed to tell the public it had detected high levels of lead and copper in some homes last summer.the epa is taking steps to revoke the plant's operator license of the plant operator in seabring after find there is reason to suspect reports were falsified. a texas grand jury clears planned parenthood of wrongdoing over a series of controversial undercover videos. videos.the videos seemed to suggest planned parenthood illegally sold fetal tissue and organs.instead the jury
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activists behin the staged videos.david daleiden and sandra merritt are charged with tampering of a governmental record. japanese auto parts maker 'takata' is facing more know that's the company behind those faulty a 10th death has been linked to the company. yesterday u-s regulators have added 5 million car to the 19 million already under recall. that sent stocks plummeting 11 percent.the company has been strugglingever since the it's inflaters were fond to be faulty.they can explode firing shards of metal and galss. this years super bowl seems to be rich mans game. game.the average resale price of a ticket to the february 7th game between the carolina panthers and denver broncos is....five thousand one hundred a 78 dollars.and that's cheap...compared to a pair of midfield tickets which
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a security camera shows an explosion and them inmates from a prison in brazil escaping over the weekend.this is in the city of 'recife', that's in northeast was saturday when inmates blew out the exterior can see a bunch of them taking off. we're told at least 60 were able to escape he lost his daughter youg daughter after she was beaten to death by her mothers boyfiend.what he wants to see done with her unborn child. the first contestof the2016 election season is less than a week away.the democratic candidates took to the stage at drake university for a ton hall.the issues they tried to tackle before next weeks vote. a cold front moved through our area overnight, resulting in light rain. temperatures will fall during the day with 8 a.m. temperatures closer to 40 and 4 p.m. temperatures around 350f. flurries will also be possible this afternoon. coming up, how long we'll have to wait until 50 degree highs
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" the father of a murdered two year old says he wants to raise his pregnant wife's child.. even if it isn't his. this is the case of kinsley kinner we've continued to follow for you. her mother.... rebekah kinner.. and her boyfriend.. bradley young... are charged in the death of the two year old girl. rebekah kinner is eight months pregnant. a paternity test will determine who is the biological father. but her husband... scott senft... says he wants full custody of the child. "i mean, i've got everything in line. i"m daddy of the year without my kid right now." now."police say kinsley kinner was beaten by bradley young.. and that rebekah kinner didn't stop it. scott senft says he wishes they could face the death penalty.
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genesis wins a court fight over its new religious themed park in grant county. county.kentucky wanted to deny the tax break for the "ark encounter.. citing the separation of church and state. but.. a federal judge ruled that violated the group's right to free speech. that tax incentive is worth millions of dollars. with less than a week to go until the iowa caucus, democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton, berne sanders, and martin o'mally took to the stage at drake university for a town hall meeting. questions for the first contest of the 2016 election season were picked by voters. they ranged from healthcare, gun control, and clinton's lingering scandals, email and bengahazi.with every chance to go negative ahead of the next weeks primary, bernie sanders gave this as a reason he refuses to do so. hillary clinton has devoted her life to public service and i have tried, as i hope you all know, not to run a negative campaign, not to be
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keep the discussion on a high level where we can debate the issues facing this country." country."the sentiment was reinforced by both clinton and o'mally.clinton holds a six-point lead overf sanders according to the latest poll. the iowa caucus is this coming monday. hamilton county is working to fix the problems at the polls in time for the march primary. last november... many people were forced to vote using provisional ballots because of problems with new electronic poll books. the problems included a lack of training for poll workers.. and not enough experts to troubleshoot problems. the board of elections says it will have those problems fixed before primary day. and its asking for help to get that job done. "we are asking government agencies and businesses to partner, work with us and give their employees a day off for democracy, a day of work with pay to help work the polls." polls."the new plans also call
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places the night before election day. perfect north slopes is preapring to host the kentucky winter special olympics today. today.athletes will compete in giant slalom and slalom on levels ranging from developmental to advanced-plus. this is the 19th straight year perfect north has hosted the kentucky winter special olympics now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. light showers moved through our viewing area in the overnight hours and it looks like the morning drive will be mainly dry. there will be some wet pavement. temperatures topped out early this morning at 500f around 2 a.m. before the cold front moved through. temperatures will gradually start to fall, coming in between 37-400f for the morning drive. and this cooling of the temperatures will happen all day long. we'll eventually end up around 350f for the drive home with a flurries possible. behind the frontal passage, wednesday will bring a brief return to cold temperatures. highs will barely get into the lower 30s. wednesday will start with mostly cloudy skies but we'll see a few more rays of sunshine in the afternoon
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the 40s and near-50 degrees will take us into the weekend. a front will become stationary and wash out just northwest of the ohio valley. we should be on the dry side of that boundary until sunday. isolated showers return on sunday but temperatures remain mild. highs are expected
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traffic on the edge of disaster. entire apartment buildings are on the verge of falling into the ocean. the precautions now being taken. you know your facebook friends list?most of us think the more the merrier, right?why it may
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a cold front moved through our
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light rain. temperatures will fall during the day with 8 a.m. temperatures closer to 40 and 4 p.m. temperatures around 350f. flurries will also be possible this afternoon. coming up, how long we'll have to wait until 50 degree highs return to the tri-state. this weekend's winter storm kept many people along the east coast indoors... and that meant cable boxes were working overtime. at one point on saturday, nearly one- point-three million comcast customers used x-finity on demand to watch movies and tv shows at the same time. officials with the cable provider say that's a record for simultaneous views. amazing video from southern california this mornig,the pacific ocean is eroding
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perched on the edge of oblivion. people in the area have seen this before when el nino hit in 1997 and 98. it was bad but not this bad . and everyday when you step out side and pieces of earth are missing, its just the mayor of pacifica has declared a state of emergency because of the situation. two apartment buildings on the cliff were condemned a few years ago. now a third is threatened as well. it might be time to whittle down your friends list on facebook. facebook.chances are you have more than you can keep up with anyway, but a new study says you only consider four of them part of your support clique anyway. meaning people who woild be on your side during a time of crisis.adding while social networks helps you keep up with acquaintences, they don't
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you know mcdonald's new all day breakfast got off to a little bit of a rough start but now both customers and investors alike seem to be lovin it. it.mcdonald's is crediting its all day breakfast for the better-than expected revenue and earnings's the second consecutive quater mcdonalds has seen domestic same store sales growth.and it's not just nationally, mcdonald's saw sales rise worlwide too. donating a little blood could lead to a pretty nice night out on the the hoxworth blood center is teaming with the cincinnati cyclones for their 5th annual blood drive. drive.all donars will get a blood drive t-shirt, a pair of cyclones tickets, a free donato's pizza, a flying pig gift bag and more.seems like a pretty nice trade.if you're interested the blood drive is goind on from 10 a-m to seven p-m at the duke energy convention center. the court battle is over.why the ruling is worth million for one of kentucky's most
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vindication for planned parenthood?how it was cleared of any wrongdoing in a series of controversial "undercover"
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breaking overnight... a highway shutdown... the crash that forced police to call for a medical helicopter. last town hall... the mistake hillary clinton admitted to last night... and what bernie sanders wants people to know about him. good morning tri-state.i'm chris riva rivai'm kathrine nero. nero.we are traicking the overnight rain moving out of the tri-state tihs morning... nine first warning meteorologist jennifer ketchmark is in with watch
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